Coronavirus / COVID-19 Appeal

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Appeal



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Health infrastructure in Madagascar is extremely limited, making it ill-prepared and highly vulnerable to the impact of COVID-19. Communities, health clinics, and Government are simply not prepared or equipped to cope with the sweeping devastation that COVID-19 is likely to cause in Madagascar. Whilst people in developed countries are being told to wash their hands and use hand sanitiser, in Madagascar, families, schools, and even hospitals do not have access to water, and hand sanitiser is the equivalent price of a day's salary for most.

Whilst SEED has worked since its inception to improve health across southeast Madagascar, financial resources to support those that we work with during this pandemic are extremely limited.However, we’re still committed to helping people by developing and distributing information to promote community preparedness across schools, churches, other NGOs, and individuals. We’re working with social media, radio, and partners to promote awareness, which we hope will prepare people and ultimately save lives.

The health and welfare of our team and our beneficiaries always comes first. For as long as we are able in the current global climate , we will continue to run services in support of Community Health, WASH, Education, Sustainable Livelihoods, and Conservation. We know that there will be challenges ahead and that the coming months could prove the hardest that we’ve known in our 20 years of existence. We cannot predict all of the problems that we will face, but one difficulty we will certainly face is finding the funds needed to keep staff in place and ensure business continuity whilst Madagascar is affected by COVID-19 buildings secure through what we are predicting will be an uncertain period with regards to projects. We are asking you to consider if you can support SEED, in a one off or regular donation, to help us through these next few months. We will keep you regularly updated through our social media feeds, website, and newsletter. Your support would be very much appreciated.

To give you an idea of how your support translates into action, since launching the appeal in March, our activities have included:

  • 360 posters distributed throughout Anosy
  • 252 radio broadcasts cross three radio stations
  • 7,377 masks distributed
  • 8 infrared thermometers purchased
  • 3 handwashing stations in Sainte Luce
  • 13 handwashing stations in Mahatalaky
  • 10 handwashing stations in Fort Dauphin

On behalf of the SEED team, thank you.

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First donation made!
First donation made!

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