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SEED Madagascar needs your help on a mask-making mission for COVID-19 preparedness in Madagascar, can you help us?

As COVID-19 makes its brutal way across the world, even countries with the most sophisticated healthcare systems and resilient populations are suffering. When a disease like coronavirus makes its way to the African continent, disaster truly strikes, impacting millions of people who often do not have access to basic sanitation facilities for washing their hands, nevermind healthcare services.

In Madagascar, SEED have been working on community health initiatives for the last 20 years, now our work is even more crucial. As part of our community preparedness initiative, we are working with local authorities to create and distribute messaging on social distancing and sanitation, both digitally and physically, to the communities we work with.

Alongside this we are now embarking on a mask-making mission to provide key workers, vulnerable people and our staff with cloth masks to help prevent the spread as much as possible*. By distributing masks we stand a chance of saving thousands of lives.

This appeal is simple: Donate to Give: the cost of a mask is just £1; this covers materials, labour costs at 2.5x the minimum wage, and the distribution costs of a single mask. Can you spare some small change to help us?     

If you have any questions about the appeal please email rebecca.dallimore@seedmadagascar.org.


*Please note we are NOT making medical grade masks. These will be cloth masks that have been recommended by the CDC to be used in situations where community transmission is hard to avoid. Please see the full guidance here: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/diy-cloth-face-coverings.html.


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