'Raise for Resilience' SEED's Christmas Appeal 2023

'Raise for Resilience' SEED's Christmas Appeal 2023



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Southern Madagascar has been grappling with extreme weather patterns and a shortage of food across the region. SEED's 2023 Christmas Appeal aims to address these ongoing issues through long-term, resilient programmes that go beyond simply responding to emergencies, but preventing them from happening in the first place. Our Rural Livelihoods projects - Project Mahampy, Project Oratsimba, Project Renitantely, and Project Stitch - are making a difference by safeguarding both the environment and the local livelihoods. By highlighting the stories of those that are part of these projects, we'll demonstrate how your support fosters resilience in southeast Madagascar. With your continued help, more individuals can access financial independence in the face of a dynamic political, economic, and climatic landscape.

Project Mahampy

Project Mahampy empowers rural communities through the weaving of mahampy reeds, offering a sustainable income opportunity. SEED give the women at the Mahampy Weavers' Cooperative the opportunity to learn literacy and financial skills, supporting them to become more self-reliant.

Your support enables women like Madame Honourine to improve their financial literacy, whilst employing more local women and enabling them to do the same.

Project Oratsimba

In Madagascar's Anosy region, the lobster fishery is a lifeline for 40 communities. SEED is committed to improving its sustainability and financial viability in the face of climate change and harsh weather. The No Take Zone (NTZ) established through Project Oratsimba has already made a significant impact increasing income which is enabling fishing families like Mora Bernaadin's to enrol their children in school.

Still, the fishery's safety and longevity require support, including the need for more life jackets. Your Christmas donation can help us to ensure more fishermen receive this vital safety equipment.

Project Renitantely

Project Renitantely supports and helps beekeepers to tackle the challenges of beekeeping in rural southeast Madagascar in managing a changing climate, parasitic threats and limited honey harvesting resources. Fidson, a SEED employee and bee technician, rebuilt his apiary of over 50 hives after a parasite outbreak with help from Project Renitantely. With your support, we will help others to grow their hives in a sustainable and financially viable way this Christmas.