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The central mission at SEED Madagascar is to alleviate urgent need, whilst enhancing the capacity of individuals, communities, organisations, and government to build resilience into the future. To achieve this, we integrate support across community health, education infrastructure, sustainable livelihoods and environmental conservation. We take an approach that fosters partnership, co-management and skill-sharing, to produce programmes that lead to lasting change in an area that is economically and environmentally vulnerable.

To work towards this mission, SEED relies on a constant and stable stream of energy to help keep its main office in Fort Dauphin running – something which right now, it is not getting. Fort Dauphin is reliance on Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) generators – which are environmentally damaging, unreliable, and expensive – The SEED office is facing huge bills and regular power outages and blackouts. These blackouts and increased costs reduce our capacity to work on our vital projects in the communities which most need it and undermine our ability to rapidly respond to crisis’. To combat this, we are proposing to construct our own solar power generator, shifting our energy consumption towards a cleaner, more reliable, and more sustainable source.

The project – aims and objectives:

The aim of this project is to move 85% of our energy consumption in Fort Dauphin to solar power, with the aim of improving the reliability of the electricity supply and decreasing costs whilst simultaneously decreasing our reliance on harmful fossil fuels in an area that is critically vulnerable to the effects of climate change. In doing so, we hope to increase our capacity to work towards our mission by 10%, by reducing office blackout time. This time saved will prove to be crucial when planning and implementing time-sensitive, disaster response programmes.

An overview of the aims are as follows:

  1. Reduce SEED’s carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels.
  2. Increase organisational capacity to sustainably benefit communities by 10% by reducing office blackout time and decreasing financial spend on energy.
  3. Educate our 75 staff and provide workshops and support to other NGOs, businesses and organisations on solar power generation and energy-saving practices.

Why is it so important?

Madagascar is one of the 25th poorest countries in the world, and Fort Dauphin, in the drought and famine vulnerable south, is isolated, rural and poorer still. Subsistence livelihoods, low health and education infrastructure, and fragile yet biodiverse environments underpin the challenges the communities face. On top of this, Madagascar is ranked the 4th most vulnerable to climate change further exacerbating the uncertainty of their future. This project is important as it will help us in our mission to bring stability to a community that is wracked with uncertainty, by allowing us to spend as much time as possible working on vital community projects which: alleviate poverty, improve community health, provide education, encourage sustainable livelihoods, and conserve one of the most vulnerable environments in the world.

Additionally, it will provide other local NGOs, businesses and organisations with the educational means to move away from the unreliable, and environmentally damaging HFO generators – improving the local environment and potentially helping them work towards sustainably increasing their outputs as well, positively impacting the communities they work within.

A donation to this project would directly contribute towards helping us work towards our mission – helping us to secure a future for the people and environment of one of the most unique islands in the world.

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